The Kalahari Cheesemaking Company is a “micro cheesery” near the town of Augrabies, Northern Cape, South Africa. We are on the main road (R359) leading to the  Augrabies Falls National Park.

I am a typical Taurus and therefore loves the finer things that life offers us. My wife thinks I am a purist.... maybe then by being a puristic Taurus, becoming a cheesemaker was inevitable?

I work in unpasteurized and as natural as possible cow’s, goat’s and sheep-milk. All my cheeses are a blend of these types of milk. Together with the desertlike climate, my cheeses have a very unique flavour profile.
1. You order:
Place your order before 12h00 each day to be processed timely. Please add a detailed delivery address, name and contact number.
2. I quote:
upon receiving your order, I prepare the quote and email it back to you with our banking details for you to make your payment.
3. Delivery:
Upon receiving your payment, we book the courier and prepare your order.Once the booking has been made we will email you the confirmation and expected time of arrival.
4. Routes:
(i) Local (R60) This is done within a 100km radius of Augrabies, my hometown.
(ii) N7 Route(R165 up to 3 kg parcel)
All towns on N14 and N7 from Kakamas to Cape Town are covered.
Deliveries within 24-36 hours of booking the courier.From the towns of Pofadder, Aggeneys, Springbok, Kammieskroon, Garies, Van Rhynsdorp, Klawer, Clanwilliam,Citrusdal, Piketburg, Moorreesburg up to Malmesbury a designated delivery point is used where your package will be delivered.We will confirm via email. In Cape Town, Stellenbosch,Franschhoek, Paarl and Worcester it is delivery to your physical address. All orders will be packed in cooler-boxes with ice-packs.
iii) We have a service to Kimberley, Bloemfontein and Johannesburg available but things are changing very fast on these routes. Make contact with us when on those routes so that we can discuss the fastest and safest way to get your cheese to you
Cheesemaking Workshops

Cheesemaking Workshops

I only take 3 participants per course. When I have a booking of 3 people an alternative date can be arranged. The next official course is from 26 to 28 August. During these weekend-long courses, participants will be practically involved in the making of the  cheeses. We will also use some of the cheeses made in deep fried cheese curds made with the freshly made Farmer's Cheese.

The events will take place on the farm. Staying over at Khamkirri Kalahari, where various types of accommodation are available, is recommended. There are lots of activities to keep the rest of the family busy. Transport to the farm will be arranged.

Cheeses covered in every course will be a Farmer's Chees made from store bought milk, Yoghurt and Labneh made with Powder Milk, Lactic Cheese made from UTH milk, a Stirred-curd Cheddar  made from farm fresh goatsmilk, Mozzarella, Feta, Haloumi and Ricotta made from farm fresh cowsmilk. Participants will also put together a classic cheeseplatter with my cheeses to be enjoyed as a late lunch, paired with non-alcoholic beer and wine.

Fee:   R 3 500  (accommodation to be booked separately)

Bookings essential

Program for August:

Fri 26 Aug 14h00: Meet & Greet

Milk tasting-Cow, Goat, Sheep, Store bought, Uth and Powder milk.

 Start with first phase of making Feta, Mozzarella, Haloumi and Ricotta with farm fresh cowsmilk. All technical, chemical and biological process will be fully explained while it is happening.

Start the process of making youghurt with powder milk.

Coffee break with a Burnt Basque Cheesecake will be squeezed in. 

Feta to be moulded. All the other cheeses started needs to stand overnight.

Sat 27 Aug 8hoo: Coffee and Kefir rusks.

Curds to become Haloumi will be shaped and  lightly pressed for heating later on. Curds to be used to make the Mozzarella will be cut, heated and worked into balls and then cooled in salted water. Whey to make Ricotta heated. 

Youghurt to be drained.

Start the Farmers cheese with store bought cowsmilk.

Turn and check pH of Feta.

Start Stir Curd Cheddar with farm fresh goatsmilk.

Cook Haloumi and cool down.

Cut the Farmers Cheese and Cheddar. 

Make a savoury and desset cheese platter to be enjoyed with beer/wine or non alcoholic wine and beer. 

Heating and stirring of Farmers cheese and Cheddar

Moulding and pressing of Farmers cheese and Cheddar.

Brining of Haloumi and Feta.

Sun 28 Aug 8h00: Taking cheese out of presses.

Making of Lactic cheese with UTH milk, cool and flavour.

Flavouring Labneh and make into a dip.

Make deep fried cheese curds from Farmers cheese.

Pan fry Haloumi

Make pizza to check the melting of Mozzarella.

Ricotta, Merogo and Phyllo bake

Cheese Souffle with my Kalahari Swiss/Boesmanlander

Enjoy the fruits of our weekend long labour with a very special "Cheese dessert" around our kitchen table.

Done and dusted by 14h00


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Cheese tastings

Cheese tastings

We offer cheese tastings in our kitchen on the farm. It is available on a Saturday at 11hoo or 16hoo. Bookings on Wednesday each week are needed.

All the cheeses we make are on the menu accompanied by Zero-alcohol beer, traditional biscuits, olives from the garden, locally made jam and chutney, venison "droëwors" and local nuts.

During the tasting, I explain what each cheese on offer is, how it is made, aged and should be enjoyed. I share some interesting nerdy cheese facts. This was described by someone visiting "as the best cheese experience she has ever had".

The variety of cheeses presented during the tasting will be available to buy.

Cost: R350 p.p tasting

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Maria M

When visiting us for a cheesetasting, it is also possible to visit my Good Wife’s studio on the farm.

Some available art on display.
Special commissions can be done.

Artist StudioArtist StudioArtist Studio
  • R359, Kai Garib, Augrabies, Kakamas, Northern Cape, South Africa
  • -28.675537,20.403397 Augrabies,8874