Cheese tastings

We offer cheese tastings in our kitchen on the farm. It is available on Saturdays at 11hoo. Bookings to be confirmed by Thursday 17h00.

All the cheeses we make are on the menu accompanied by fresh local produce, traditional biscuits, olives from the garden, locally made jams and chutneys, venison droëwors, biltong and local nuts.

During the tasting, I explain what each cheese is, how it is made, aged and should be enjoyed. I share some interesting nerdy cheese facts too. This was described by someone visiting "as the best cheese experience she has ever had" and she was from Austria!

The variety of cheeses presented during the tasting are available to buy.

There are two options: Cheese tasting with beer R450 P/P

                                          Cheese tasting with wine R650 P /P

The wines are from Olifantsberg in the Breedekloof. We use their Lark Chenin Blanc 2022, Grenache Rose 2022 and Syrah 2018. My children Ferdi and Elizma are the winemakers. 

This is a lunch and lasts about 2h30.